When Designers Troll Us: Jeremy Scott for Moschino


For Moschino’s SS19 collection, Jeremy Scott delivered a Parisian-Business-Casual circa 1985 collection with successfully fresh pinch-waisted, shoulder-padded, suit jacket combos and matching accessories. He channeled Yves Saint Laurent during the neon cocaine decade and scribbled all over it with Magic Markers and I would wear some of these looks head-to-fucking-toe. Critics raved, but what they didn’t address were the aggressive LOLs he brought to the runway. Exhibits A, B, C, and WTF (hat tip to Gigi Hadid for giving us Tobias Funke Realness with a straight face).

It’s not fair to criticize someone else’s craft, especially when Extremely Online People (me) have no design skills, but “fashion” “designer” “Jeremy” “Scott” makes ridiculously expensive clothing designed strictly for the staff of a flying saucer, and now he wants us to casually dip into events in a life-sized sewing kit? How long do we need to sit on our hands and pretend the house isn’t on fire? Who is gonna let Adidas know we didn’t ask for Wings? Fortunately, there is redemption in his forthcoming H&M x Moschino capsule, dropping this week. Line up now.

Evidence A:


Evidence B:


Evidence C:

Michael Molloy